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3 years ago

I haven`t done a beauty haul in a really long time, so I`m just going to go straight into it. LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS HAVE USED ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS AND HOW YOU RATE IT :)

1) <strong>Palmer`s Cocoa Butter Creme</strong>: So, I have stretch marks! Yes, even I have them like any other human being. I couldn`t care less about them but lately it has been bothering me because of summer and they are predominantly on my inner thighs and butt cheeks. Cocoa butter is supposed to help make them less visible. It will not get rid of them as stretch marks are sort of permanent, so I hope this will help reduce the visibility!

2) <strong> Gel deodorant</strong>: I`ve only used solid deodorant and I figured it would be a nice twist to use gel. I use my sister`s occassionally. Yes, it is a bit disgusting now that I think about but hey, we`re sisters. It`s okay! The times I have used hers, it always smells amaze-balls and it just goes on so nice and smooth and doesn`t leave any residue!

3) <strong>Clean&Clear Moisturizer</strong>: I have had these zits on my forehead the entire summer. They aren`t pimples cause I can`t pop them but almost like bumps... maybe heat bumps? Anyways, I thought maybe an acne fighting moisturizer might help so let`s see if it does.

4) <strong>Moroccan Argan Oil</strong>: I got highlights not too long ago and naturally, my hair is dry because of the chemicals. Argan oil is really good for the frizz and dryness. About time I hop on the argan oil wagon to nice, shiny hair!


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