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4 years ago

So two days ago, I ran the Mercy 5K race with my brother and dad and ended up in 3rd place in my age group, so I got a $50 gift card to Giant. So I decided to head over to Giant later to pick up some things I needed to make a cake, and whatever else I could find. Where I live, the Giant is also near a Target, so I ended up spending several hours at Target, and doing some major damage haha.

I actually didn`t have anything I really needed at Target. Oh actually I did, I had burned my hand really badly on Friday when I was moving back home from school. I was cleaning my Teavana tea maker and didn`t put the parts back exactly right, so when I poured the water in, I was holding the tea maker by the bottom and the water just ended up draining right through, onto my hand. Now I have some lovely LARGE blisters and burns on my left hand. My hand looks so deformed :/

So anyways, I was at Giant/Target to look for some medicine and appropriate bandages for my hand, but Giant didn`t really have anything, so therefore I headed over to Target, where I found more than just stuff for my hand.

Guess I`ll just start by listing what I have.

-Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Perfume: I fell in love with this perfume the first time I smelled a friend`s, but for some reason after smelling it again, it doesn`t strike me the same as it did before. I dunno what I think about it

-Bronze Love/Dream rings: I never purchased any accessory from Target honestly simply because I never believed in the quality, but I`ve seen so many youtube gurus purchase cute stuff from Target, so I decided to give it a try. I try not to buy metal that looks like it could tarnish easily, and I know this kind of oxidized metal (is it?) won`t really change much, and I love them :) Not a big fan of the pink crystal one, but I love the love and dream rings

-Revlon Lip Butters: I already have 6, so this makes 10, which apparently is half the collection (I think there`s 20 in all?) but yea, totally don`t need more of these, but I couldn`t help myself.. :P
-Lollipop: really pretty berry color, I could totally see myself wearing this daily, my mom wouldn`t approve, but I don`t mind :)
-Tutti Frutti: a coral color, also very pretty. I`m not sure if coral really suits me, but I do really like it, maybe for a beach look
-Peach Parfait: this is probably my favorite out of the four. it`s not really a peachy shade if you ask me, but just a nice light baby pink
-Creamsicle: this one is quite sheer. a very light peachy shade, lightens your lips a bit when put on alone, otherwise it`s nice to tone down brighter lip colors

-Essie nail polishes: I didn`t purposefully go hunting for green shades, it just so happened that all three essie shades that i picked out were green. I swear I didn`t even realize it until I looked down at what I was holding..
-Turquoise & Caicos: I just adore this color. I had it before, but it dried up for some reason. I`ve had that happen to one of my OPI Matte nail polishes too. Not sure why that happens..
-Navigate Her: This is quite an interesting color. it`s what I would imagine a green apple color to be. like a yellowy-olive color. I really like it, it`s different :)
-Mojito Madness: I believe this is one of their 2012 Summer collection. It`s a nice lime green color, not to bright, but still pops

-Revlon nail polish in Facets of Fuchsia: I`m actually not sure whether this is the name, but I`m pretty certain it is. I just feel like I saw a different name on the top of the polish, but I don`t think Revlon has another deep glittery purple do they? Anyways love this nail polish. I hate purple actually, but I`m wearing it right now, so that must say something. A gorgeous subtle glittery deep purple, I feel like it`ll go with pretty much anything

-Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money: Gorgeous mix of gold and purple microglitter. omg the combo was so pretty, it was a no brainer when choosing from the other Gem Crush polishes

-Seche Vite: just got a new one, cuz my old one was long gone and used up with TLC :)

I did get some thing from Sephora and Victoria`s Secret, but I think I`ll save that for another post. This one is getting too long -.- Oh and I got a couple bras and top, but I think I`ll keep that too myself. They were really cute tho :P

Pictures by mee :)

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