Target $1 Brown Card Wallet!

4 years ago

I`m the type of person who likes to carry my purse all the time!
There are times I would`ve a hard time trying to fit my Tory Burch
wallet into one of those small purses.

I like to match my purses to my outfits just so I can match a bit.
But yeah! My little sister and I was face timing one day and she
showed me this. I told her I`ve been wanting one for the longest time,
but never bother looking for one.

When she told me she got it from Target from the dollar section I
was literally shock. Of course the next day I decided to check out
the dollar section, but I didn`t see any at all. No, I didn`t drive to Target
just for this. LOL

I work exactly right by Target which I can just see its building if I
were to hangout at the balcony. Its literally right there. Anyways,
I text the little sister can she get me one and I`ll pay her even though
it was just a buck! She told me don`t worry about it, but pick her up
some Tim Tam. LOL

I thought it was fair enough since she couldn`t find any in Houston.
This card wallet have a clear window where you can leave your ID.
There are three slots where you can leave your credit cards and
one on top of the wallet. I`ve been using it when I don`t use my big
purse. It does make a difference since they`re so light to carry in my

1. Do you like to carry heavy wallets with you all the time?
2. Have you spotted this at your local Target?

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