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4 years ago

Whoever follows me on Facebook , you`ve probably read what I wrote there about the Tar Soap.
I decided to buy back the tar soap and insert into my daily routine, apply morning and evening there before the cleansing gel, of course, that after using the soap, cleansing gel is unnecessary but I prefer to use to see if I can get better results. The Tar Soap is part of the line: essential care of Ach Brito

-->About the product:
"The tar soap was one of the first Portuguese soap being developed with this raw material, ideal for the treatment of dermal problems. Formulated with pine tar, with strong reducing property and keratolytic, this soap is especially suitable for scaling skin. "

-->The product package:
As you can see by the photo, the packaging is a treat for those who love all that is, Vintage design. The brand has adopted precisely this design because it symbolizes their products: old but at the same time today.

-->Indications / Features:
Recommended for eczema, dandruff, allergies and other skin lesions (such as bubbles).
Anti-septic, anti-parasitic, anti-seborrheic, germicidal, anti-pruritic are some of the features of this soap. The tar soap should not be used if you have very sensitive skin, dry, with open wounds or severe infections.

Some people do not like the smell of tar soap, personally, to me does not bother me. Not the best smell in the world, but I tolerate very well indeed taste.

-->Where to Buy / Price / Qty:
I bought at the drugstore Schlecker, however, there are also on sale in supermarkets like Jumbo and Continent. I bought on sale, and got me for 0.99 but usually does not exceed 1.20. Behind 90g soap.

-->Final Verdict:
What is national is good, and I was not the first person to say this. Have bought more tar soaps because it is an excellent product that works on several levels / problems. Bubbles is very rare to have the fact of being alone soap dries the skin, and as you know I have an extremely oily skin. I also noticed a slight reduction in the pores, because this addition of soap also use the cleansing gel. Good, cheap and Portuguese ...

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