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Hello guys :-)
It would be another post in technology and it would be about my review. I don`t know how about you but i just love my Iphone. I could play all that apps and have fun just for hours. Today i want to share with you my favourite app since two years. Honestly this is the best thing from app store an this is totally and 100% free ! So it`s called "Tap Tap Revenge 4". First time i have installed it on my old Iphone 2 and it was sooo slow and it was called tap tap revenge 2 or 3 i can`t remember. My favourite was tap tap 3 it was free but now costs about 1.99. I don`t know why they do this. The same things is with ttp 2. Weird. In my opiniom this new version should costs 1$ not old.
But anyway this is just perfect game for all people who love music. It`s all about click on the balls ;D haha yah sounds creepy but you just need to try. You choose one songs from over 200, you choose which version you would like to play - easy, medium, hard, extreme and you play ! I really love that they add new music everyweek. And it`s not some old sh*t like in other app in this style, you know Mozart and opera songs... Ok, they are nice but we want Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc. You have about 100 free songs, they are not something very trendy from famous brands but also cool. If you want more tracks you could buy them, i bought Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and few more ;-) or you could save up points and buy now songs by this points. It`s really fun app ! I could play and play and play even few hours ! Like you could see on the picture i am on level 65 now but i have spend lots of time there ;-) when you finish your song you will see how good you were in %. It`s really hard to have 100% especially on extreme. You could also share your score with friends on facebook and see other people scores. I was on the second position on the world in one song but i was never be first it`s mega hard because lots of people are .... Cheating. You can`t do this is that new 4 version but on old, 3. So they have scores like 1000000000000 which is impossible because i have 100% and for example only 1000 points... It would be much much better without that people. They also have levels like 999999999 and that things... You could also play with your friends but it`s hard and uncomfortable to play with other person on the same iphone... So i rather send my friends a challenge or play online with other users :-)

+ in my opinion:
- great trendy songs
- free !
- great graphic

- in my opinion:
- people who are cheating...

Picture belongs to me, i made it by my iphone :-)

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