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Hey all,

I want to know your opinions on Tanning, specifically tanning beds. I have be deciding if I should or shouldn`t go to a tanning salon!

I know a lot of people don`t agree with it since, it can cause skin cancer, and all other stuff. But I know a lot of people do go to the tanning bed, so of course they can be tan.

I am half Irish and half Italian. So Of course Italians have natural tan skin, or tan very easily. But I was given the dark Italian hair, and the pale-Irish skin. So I want to see if you can give me any advice on tanning for the first time. Will I burn? How long should I go in for? How much will it cost? etc..

Now I don`t want to become extremely dark, but I do need some color. I think this is the best time right before the nice Spring weather happens!.

So let me know your thoughts/advice down below on tanning. Go for it or let it go?


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Source link: http://www.idahoreporter.com/2012/senate-committee-kills-house-passed-tanning-bill/

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