Tampon Tea Anyone?? Just Kidding :)

4 years ago

I actually saw thing at the spuermarket awhile ago. I don`t know if it`s a new brand or they just changed their packaging.. But what I do know is that it doesn`t look like tea. I was walking past the tea/coffee isle and saw a whole wall of these. I actually thought they were tampons the first time I glanced at them. Haha..
And I think it`s an epic fail and pretty funny as my class was talking about right and wrong packaging for a certain product (eg. like the colours they use) at that time and this is a definite no go! I mean like c`mon I can do better than this. They need to think before going ahead with the design hahaha!

Anyways, I really wanted some flavoured tea. And even though it looked like a tampon I still got it because it looks nice and sweet and fruity. It looks inviting and friendly. So I guess the designer got that right about this product..

At first I thought it was going to have wayyy to much flavour in it as the colour comes out pretty dark and rich? I was wrong though, it was fruity but it didn`t have a lot of flavour. But this could be because I didn`t put any sugar in.. Next time i`ll remember to add some and hopefully it tastes much better :)

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