Talk To The Hand(Literally) - The Cellphone Glove

4 years ago

You have probably heard or even said the expression "talk to the end". Well, now you can say it and actually meant it!

This is just a prototype, at least for now, and it was created by Bryan Cera and this glove is meant to act as a real cell phone. You put the sim card in like in the picture and you can type the numbers using the keys under your fingers and just talk like you would in a regular cellphone,but holding it in the position you see in the picture.
It doesnt have the super features that smartphones have these days with great cameras and OS&apps, but i guess it would do its job if it will ever be produced to the market.
We have seen phone watches, so why not a phone glove so you can literally talk to the hand.

<strong>What do you think of this concept for a cell phone?
Do you see your self using something like this?</strong>


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