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4 years ago

Hello Luuux Community, I just wanted to talk about my photos and edits to clarify many things.

For one, many people post comments on my posts saying that I need to have a source link for me photos. I admit that I didn`t use a source link in my posts when I started out, but eventually I`ll get to those posts. Also, I now have a disclaimer at the end of my posts. I state whether or not that photo or edit is mine and if it isn`t, then I will put the source link below.

Second, many people claim that I use photos that aren`t mine and say that it is mine. By no means do I do that. I might take a photo, but I edit that photo by adding words, graphics, or changing the color. That`s called an edit which I state in the disclaimer, "All photos or edits belong to me." I stated that that post`s picture is mine because I edited it. (Ex: QOTD`s)

Thirdly, to clarify my disclaimer. "All photos or edits belong to me." I`m saying that all the photos or edits in this post belongs to me. I took that picture or I edited that picture, therefore it`s mine.
"This photo or edit does not belong to me. Check source link below." I`m saying that this photo or edit in the post does not belong to me. I got that picture off the internet and there`s a source link to where I got that picture in the source link below.

That`s all I have to say about my photos or edits. I clarified everything about my posts or edits. I no means take photos that aren`t mine. I edit a lot of photos that I use for my posts, therefore they are my photos. I will always have a disclaimer on the bottom of my post.

Disclaimer: All photos or edits belongs to me. (Stating that all the photos or edits in this picture belongs to me.)

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