Talk About An Epic Beer!

2 years ago

I love me a good beer. And when I say good, I don`t mean a cold Coors or Bud. In fact, I`ve never purchased either of those beers in my life and am rather proud of that fact, lol. I`m more of a craft beer kind of person and a couple years ago I got into Dogfish Head beers. I had always heard about the elusive 120 Minute IPA that they make and, a year ago, I was fortunate enough to miraculously get hold of two bottles of it.

Dogfish Head`s 120 Minute IPA is a beer that ages particularly well, so I kept it on a shelf in my cabinet for just over a year. My boyfriend and I decided to celebrate his recent trip to visit me (we`re 1100 miles long distance at the moment) by breaking into them! Both as self-proclaimed `beer snobs,` we were quite excited!

Let me just tell you - this beer will put you on your butt. It will knock you over. You will need to slow down. It`s dangerously good. It had a nice round, deep honey flavor that`s very distinct. And, seriously, if you drink it too fast... well, you might as well call it a night, lol. Who knew that beer could be so deliciously strong! And just one bottle of it!

This particular beer is super hard to find, so I`m on a quest to find some more of it so I can again store it away for a year or more and come back to it eventually to enjoy :)


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