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4 years ago

This is called Talika Lipocil, and it claims to help with lash growth. They usually retail for somewhere around $40-$50 a pop. I obviously can`t afford to pay that much money just to try out a product that I won`t even know whether it will work. I bought mine on ebay for $6.80.

I know that some of you may freak out because I might have bought a fake because there`s no way that I could`ve found it for 6-7 times cheaper than retail. It could potentially do really bad things to my eyes.

I did do some research online about cheap ebay Talika lipocils, and from reading the reviews of the people who have bought them and used them, they seem to be fine. A rather convincing explanation of this huge price difference is product overrun. I do believe that the actual manufacturing cost is probably very low so it`s not totally unbelievable that ebay sellers can still make profit even when they are selling at a very low price.

I tried to use it today, and it didn`t sting my eyes or anything. I have really sensitive eyes and they react to almost everything I put near my eyes. So from this fact alone, I feel more comfortable to continute using the product.

<strong>Have you tried or ever thought of trying lash growth products?</strong>

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