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4 years ago

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WARNING SOME SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! If you have not watched the movie yet then this is your only warning. I`ll try not to spoil much. As such this review is of my own opinion. If you already had plans to go see it (or not), then by all means go see it (or not).

Ok So I have just gotten back from watching the opening of Taken 2 at my local theater. I have just two words to describe it. "Almost Disappointing." Taken 2 I will say does not live up the hype and epicness from the 1st movie. But that doesn`t mean it`s a bad movie!

The plot of the movie revolves around the main character Bryan Mills as he goes around the city if Istanbul to rescue himself, his daughter, and his X-Wife from a vengeful crime lord who`s son was Marcco from the 1st movie who had kidnapped his daughter. (the one he electrocuted)

While Liam Neeson, who plays retired CIA operative Bryan Mills, still kicks a lot of butt in this movie, the pacing and story line just doesn`t equal the plot from the 1st movie. While the 1st Movie had him trying his hardest to catch up with the people who kidnapped his daughter all throughout the movie, Taken 2 just didn`t have much of that. The 1st Taken was all about trying to catch up to his Daughter while Taken 2, his family was with him the entire time (Well at least in Istanbul). The pacing of the movie also flip flopped between action and calmness in a rather unequal way. Taken 2 also had several plot holes and things that just didn`t add up. (Such as the bad guys allowing Bryan to make a call to his daughter to warn her while pointing a gun at him and his x-wife).

Despite this the movie did have very good moments. The action and fight scenes were well choreographed. And once again Liam Neeson looks totally awesome kicking butt, although his age is starting to show, though that maybe becasue of the character he has to play. But he does look noticeably older from his Qui Gon days in Star Wars. The car chase scene is a little on the dull side though it`s still heart-pounding. The shootouts are also very intense. (Though in a couple of areas a little unrealistic, but hey that`s an action movie for you) And in my opinion the City of Istanbul didn`t make for a good backdrop for this kind of movie like Paris did. But hay someone might like it more than Paris.

So to sum up, although Taken 2 doesn`t live up to the 1st Movie, it does a decent job overall. This may have had to do with Bryan having to switch back and forth a couple of times between saving his daughter and his X-Wife. While for my personal rating I gave the 1st Taken a 9 out of 10, This one I have to give it a 7.5 out of 10. It is a good movie to go see... But probably only once in theaters.

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