Take Vertical Panorama Pictures on the iPhone

If you have updated any of your iOS devices with iOS 6 and a camera then you probably know about like taking panorama pictures. But can you take vertical panoramas??

Believe it or not you can! It`s very simple and jst like my last post huge shoutout to the folks at OSX Daily since they wrote the article, check out the source link for more cool tech stories, and my tech blog at http://www.techungry.blogspot.com. Anyways let`s get started!

1. Open the Camera app and click on options and choose panorama
2. afterwards rotate your phone into horizontal orientation and shoot the panorama image like you would as usual, then tapping done when you`re...well DONE! (:

Thanks again for supporting my LUUUX with comments and like, really appreciate it!

Source link: http://osxdaily.com/2012/11/08/vertical-panorama-photos-iphone/

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