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4 years ago

One. Wash your face, do not rub too with neutral liquid soap.
2nd. Avoid bar soaps that can clog the pores on the oily and dry skin too dry ground.
3rd. If you use a tonic, choose one without alcohol.
4th. Use sunscreen daily and look for one that does not contain oil in its formulation. Since it is complicated (and boring!) Spend two sunscreen one in each part of the face, one idea is to pass before the filter a fluid or a mattifying product control oiliness (as listed in this post) only in the T-zone and pass the filter for normal skin on top.
5th. Make a weekly exfoliation with products made from salicylic acid to renew the skin, but do not rub the area and avoid much more parched.
6th. Treat with resected areas which contain moisturizers and antioxidants to keep the water in the skin.
7th. When using masks to control oil such as clay, apply only to the region T, preventing the other areas. The same applies to anti acne products such as the base of salicylic acid. The products based on retinoic acid (prescribed by physicians) or glycolic acid may have two or gel formulations one part serum to oily skin cream and another in the area drier. If the difference between one area and another is not large, the lotions may be a good alternative.
Eight. At the time of powder or mineral makeup avoids parched areas, who can score, but otherwise they are great for oily skin part. One tip is to use a liquid concealer around the oils, mineral powder foundation and blush to finalize a more creamy cheeks.
9th. If the eye area is very dry it is worth applying a moisturizer night only in this region. The same goes for the mouth, use and abuse of lip balms.
10. If using benzoyl peroxide to treat acne, focus only on the product not oily regions spreading all over his face, because it is in these regions that the spines of focus, so you avoid over drying of the dry areas.

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