Taiwanese Brick Toast w Fruits and Ice Cream

4 years ago

My friends and I really wanted some brick toast but didn`t want to go to Factory Tea Bar since there`s always so many people there and the wait can get a bit ridiculous. We checked yelped and the first place that popped up was Oh My Pan! located in San Gabriel. The pictures that were posted up on Yelp looked delicious so we decided to try it out.

Oh My Pan! is like any other asian bakery located in the SGV except for the fact that they serve drinks and brick toast. We didn`t buy any of the bread/buns we just ordered the Strawberry Fantasy Honey toast and some drinks. I ordered a frosted milk with boba which is similar to Half & Half`s iced milk drink just without the honey from the boba. It was really tasty but I still prefer Half & Half`s.

Now onto the toast! It`s a half loaf of bread with the inside cut out. With the cut out part, they make some really tasty french toast like sticks and put it back into the crust. On top of that they put a layer of vanilla custard and they topped off with a scoop of strawberry ice cream with some strawberry syrup. It`s also topped with some fresh strawberries, mangoes, grapes, and some wafers. It was soooo tasty and I loved the presentation. It took 5 of us about 5 minutes to finish. I wish they would have added a couple more scoops of ice cream, but overall I was more that satisfied. It was $8 which is a decent price.

I would have to say that I prefer this one to the Factory Tea Bar one but they aren`t really the same thing. I`m definitely going to have to stop by again and order this again...or learn to make this myself but I don` think that`s going to be successful. If you have a place that serves brick toast, definitely give it a try! Have any of you ever had Taiwanese brick toast?

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