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1. What do you wear most? graphic tees and denim bottoms
2. What are you wearing now? aerie pj bottom shorts and a bra
3. Favorite Season to go shopping for?All of them because shopping is awesome
4. Skirts or Pants?both
5. Favorite Places to shop? anywhere with really cute clothes. I actually like thrifting lately
6. How long do you spend on your outfit each day? Not logn, I pick out one item i really want to wear i.e. shorts, jeans, a shirt then i structure everything else around it, accessories ccome last.
7. Who do you usually shop with? my friends
8. Favorite Colored Top? I don`t know, i like pastels but i dont havve one fvorite shade
9. Describe your style? it changes, but not wuite there yet. I`m still altering my style, have a couple ofkey pieces to purchase
10. How long would you wear painful but gorgeous heels for? I would just bear with them anywhere until my calves feel as if they are ripping or i am too tired to balance. If not, I wouldnt have worn them

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