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1. What is your favorite way to shop? Online or in the actual store?
both really!
2. What is your favorite store?
walgreens, abercrombie, sephora.

3. What store do you buy the most things from?
walgreens, abercrombie

4. What is your favorite thing to shop for?
makeup and cloths.

5. Do you usually pay with cash, credit, check or debit?

6. Are you addicted to shopping?
i think so.

7. Are you in major debt because of shopping?

8. How often do you go to the mall?
like 2 times a month. but sometimes i don`t buy anything i just go with friends.

9. What is the last thing you bought?

10. What store was it from?
11. Who is your favorite person to shop for?
my boyfriend i love seeing his face and he`s never had that before so i like doing that for him.

12. Would you ever buy clothes at walmart?

13. Do you own a pair of shoes that cost more than 200 dollars?

14. Do you ever use coupons?

15. Do you buy most of your clothes on clearance?
yes and no.

16. Have you ever shopped till you dropped?
Yes lol

17. Do you ever try things on at the store?
Always do

18. Who is your favorite person to go shopping with?
My mom. or myself

19. Do you choose paper or plastic?
doesn`t really matter.

20. Do you use a basket, cart, or nothing?
Basket usually, if not then arms/hands

21. When you check out, is the total always more or less than you thought?
Depends on the store lol

22. Are you an impulse shopper?

23. Do you always buy the candy that they sell next to the registers?

24. If you had to pick one thing, shopping or chocolate, which one would you pick?
Shopping lol!

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