Taco Truck Lunch

1 year ago

Hey Luuuxers,

I was working at a convention center for a few days this month which was a lot of fun. The not so fun part was convention food pricing! It sucks working special event since food is super over priced!

But one option that came out in the mix was this taco truck! They were serving great food and though it was still a little expensive, it was probably the best deal available!

I ended up getting 3 tacos for 12 bucks (so 4 dollars each). As you can tell, they weren`t exactly huge, but with 3 of them I was full.

I decided to mix and match and chose 3 different kinds: a chicken, a steak and a pork. Best of all 3 worlds lol.

I can say, that while all 3 were delicious, I really preferred the steak - it was flavored really nicely. The pork was great too, but a little bit oily while the chicken was a little bland - I expected a lot more spice.
But luckily, they had a variety of sauces and salsas you could all, which was great.

I love that the idea of taco trucks has finally come to Toronto. My friends in LA swear by them for a quick, cheap lunch.
So while this wasn`t exactly cheap, I`m hoping that their regular prices are more reasonable and that they do well in Toronto so we can get more of them!

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