Taco Fiesta!

4 years ago

Hi everyone! Last night my friend decided to invite me and another friend over for taco night. I havent had tacos in a very long time; probably about 5+months! So I was sure excited to have a taco fiesta at her place! It was so kind of her to buy everything that we needed to make our own tacos and ask for nothing in return. But of course, I wanted to thank her so I decided to pick up a small gift for her. You can check it out here: http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/gift-my-lovely-friend

The ingredients she picked up to make the tacos were:

-Soft Taco Shells (from Old El Paso Smart Fiesta kit)
-Iceberg Lettuce
-Cheddar Cheese
-Ground Beef
-Sour Cream

She also provided us with sushi (California Rolls), juicy strawberries, nachos (not pictured) and various drinks. I chose to drink Mango and Guava Juice. From the pictures, my taco looks like a mini pizza ha; I fail at making tacos. But it kind of looks like a taco once I folded it up. I have to say, my taco looks better than my other friend; mine is on the left and his is on the right. He was unsure of how to make a taco, so he decided to pile on all of the ingredients. But my friend who was hosting taco night is pretty pro at making tacos!

Overall we had a pretty fun and tasty night! As bonus pictures, I decided to show you all her lovely Golden Retriever. If youre wondering, hes chewing on his dental bone. From the picture he looks not very big, but hes actually gigantic; on his hind legs, he stands about a little over 5 feet!

Be the judge, who made the better taco? Do you like tacos?

*Pictures belong to me*

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