Taco Bell: Doritos Taco

4 years ago

I love Mexican food, and Taco Bell isnt exactly my favorite Mexican restaurant but it is pretty good for the price!! I love to get their quesadillas & chalupas but this time i wanted to go for something different. I love Doritos, so i thought maybe the doritos tacos would be as good as the actual doritos. I had 2 of these and a fresco soft shell taco. The shell was pretty good, it doesnt taste exactly like a dorito, but it still has the dorito flavor and leaves the flavor on your fingers. I would eat it again but i would pick a quesadilla or chalupa over it. I`d give it a 8/10. My mom ordered the xxl steak nachos which i tried and are pretty good!! Than she ordered a churro to split with me. I was surprised that they changed the churros, before they were a little bag with about 5 small crunchy churros (as if they were chips) and i was NOT a fan of those, but now they got these churros that actually look more like actual churros and taste pretty good. Still not the best churro ive ever had but its puuuurdy good!! :)

-What`s your favorite taco bell/mexican food?

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