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5 years ago

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So i actually am loving my iPad 2! I seriously think its so handy to have, and i probably use it more often than my desktop computer.
So first off, tablets are very popular now. I know like everyone who at least has a tablet in their home. They are just so thin, light, portable and better than a desktop computer.
So the most off, i hate turning on my laptop or computer just to check my emails or look at the news. Now with a simple touch of a button, i have it all right there in my hands. The iPad is the most popular tablet, which is made by Apple.
It is fast, thin, light and incredible!
When i use safari, it looks just like internet browser. Type in the URL, for example i used this eBay one, and there you go. It actually looks just the same!
Probably the most part is that iPad doesnt carry flash, so when you want to play like internet games, you can because Apple doesnt support it on the iPad!

overall i think tablets are really in. Like no one uses their desktop computer anymore, its all in tablets and their smartphones now!

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*photos are mine

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