Tablet Wars - Which one best suits you?

4 years ago

With the majority of technology companies jumping on the tablet industry, many consumers are wondering, do they need a tablet and if so, which one?

I had a conversation with my sister earlier this week about tablets as she wanted my advice on which one she should get.

Knowing which tablet you need helps prevent you from buying a very expensive tablet but you only use 1 function. It also helps you select the right tablet in terms of how much processing power you need, so you don`t waste money and time on a useless product for you.

1. If you just want to read and occasionally play games/watch movies
Your best bet is to go for the e-readers which are very affordable right now. If you prefer the look and feel of books and you never want to charge your tablet, go for an e-ink e-reader. Kobo, Amazon and Sony all produce e-readers that do just this and most are under $120.

2. If you want to play games mostly, watch movies and listen to music
Then you want an entertainment based tablet, such as the Apple Ipads or the Android Tablets. They can vary from price depending on popularity and functionality, from $200 to $800. It really boils down to the individual in their preference of the IOS or the Android. Both Ipads and Android tablets perform the same functions such as e-books, movies, music, social media, wifi, have very similar apps and they`re just as thin and light.

3. If you need it for work, then you want a very high-end tablet that doubles up as a mini computer. The ASUS transformer pads do just this as well as the Samsung series. These can perform the functions you need, such as word processing and spreadsheets, and can run Windows 7 or 8. They have stronger processors as well as faster harddrives. They cost anywhere upwards from $600.

Depending on your needs, your tablet can cost anywhere from $70 to $1000+. That`s a very large range and not a small amount of money. Really understand what you need from a tablet before buying one. Remember, you don`t always need a tablet.

Hope that helps.

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