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There is an abundance of tablets out there from Sony, Apple, Motorolla, Toshiba, Samsung, to many other options of tablets. Which do you think is the best brand/choice in a tablet? You have probably guessed it.Apples Ipad 3rd Generation ranks number one for the best tablet. Apple has updated the camera to 5 Megapixels, offers 4G internet access, and has a long lasting battery, longer than Apples 2nd Generation Ipad.

ALthough Apple is a reliable brand with exceptional products it comes with a hefty price tag. Save yourself $1000 by purchasing the 2nd Generation Ipad, which starts at $400. Or, if you are looking for a brand that is comparable to the Ipad but with a cheaper price tag opt for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2, ($250). The Samsung Galaxy Tablet has a 7 screen compared to Apples 9.5 but offer lots for the money.

Before purchasing a tablet make sure you know your priorities. If price and portability are in your top priority list opt for the Samsung Galaxy 2 but if your list includes 4G service, color saturation details and such opt for the Ipad 3rd Generation

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