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5 years ago

I was using my last hairdryer and just when I got almost all of my hair dry the dryer made a pop sound and poof it was dead. Was I glad that happened when I was just about dry and not when I started. That would not be cute. I had that dryer for five years and really liked it but there was no love lost. Binned it. I was willing to spend but I have limits. I really wanted to give the T3 dryer a try because I heard so much good things about it. There are a few different models ranging in price from $100 to over $400. You could get an iPad for that!!! The T3 dryers are very expensive and before I was going to drop that kind of money I had to think about it. I decided that I would be calm and go for the cheapest one in the T3 line and am I happy. I love this dryer. It does what it says. My hair is dry but not dried out and frizz is drastically reduced. I can go with out using a flat iron afterwards if I use a large round brush. It takes 15 minutes and I`m good. The T3 is lightweight but I still find that it could be lighter. That`s my only critique other than of course the price could be a lot less. Its just a hairdryer its not an iPad.

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