T-shirts with jokes - would you wear them?

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

i love a good joke, one that makes me laugh.

But i`m not into the whole black shirt with a joke on it. i would get it if it rreally really relates to me, but i`d only wear it to a friends house for a bum around or just sleep in it. I would buy it as a joke for a friend but i wouldn`t expect them to wear it out.

i know a lot of people actually wear these out proudly, and hey good for you. But to me, sometimes i think it can look a bit trashy and low classed so to speak. i`m not saying i`m wearing branded clothing acting all poshy all the time, because if you have seen my OOTD, i`m nothing like that, but this sometimes take it over board. Some of these shirts even have swearing on it. mhh not my style.

So let me ask you:
-do you wear these type of shirts?
-would you wear a shirt with swearing on it?

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