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5 years ago

My Dad asked me to get him some shirts that says Florida on them so I was always keeping an eye out for shirts that he might like. It was hard to find t-shirts that were decent because most of them that I found didn`t really have the word Florida on them but when my friend took me to Bayside, Miami there were so many stores that sold Souvenirs and I finally found two shirts that I think are pretty decent for my Dad.

I also picked up two shirts for my god brother. Since he always like to wear these type of logos on his clothing with funny quotes, I think it would have been a nice gift to bring back for my god brother as well.

<strong>Shirts Purchased:</strong><ol>
<li>The first Florida shirt I purchased is navy blue and it has a small logo on the right side. Since I bought it in Miami Beach, it says Miami Beach and Florida on it. My Dad really likes this one because it`s plain enough and still have the logo on it. I am glad my Dad like this one instead of none of the two I got him.</li>
<li>This is the second one I got for my Dad but he says because of all the colors, he thought it was a shirt for a girl which I find funny because I think it looks fine even though it is colorful.</li>
<li>This is a shirt I got for my god brother. I really find this shirt funny because he isn`t really skinny so it fits him perfectly and I know he will have a good laugh with the shirt. On the shirt it says <em>"I`m in shape. Round is a shape"</em></li>
<li>The other one really matches my god brother. He smokes weed (don`t judge please) and his girlfriend is a vegetarian which I find perfect for him as a gift too.</li></ol>

I really hope my god brother will like those shirts and that he doesn`t have them already. He currently went back to China so he won`t be receiving them until he gets back.

<em>What do you think of the T-shirts I purchased?
Have you ever bought someome those funny logo shirts before?</em>

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