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5 years ago

Hello :)

I`ve been researching to see how puderia make a t-shirt dyed in this blog and found some explanation! I tried to get an old t-shirt but it went wrong cause I completely forgot to dye her while she was, yes I know I`m too distracted: p
I will not lie, the process I used was the same process that is in the blog, but I really wanted to show you this piece. For those who think I leave here to experience the signs as they are on the blog.
You Need:
- A white tee
- Purple dye
- Salt
- Bucket
- Water

How to:
1. Dampen your fabric - you want it to be wet but not dripping. This helps it take on the dye evenly.
2. Open your packet of dye and separate it evenly into a few different containers.
3. To start, only put one of the measures of dye into the water, mixing according to the instructions on the packet. This will be the least concentrated in which to do the first immersion. Most dyes recommend using warm water and salt to set the dye.
4. Put your tee on a hanger so it hangs evenly and dip it into the dye. The first time you dip it will be the deepest, and you should aim to stop about 15cm from the neckline.
5. Take the tee out and add another container of dye to the bucket and mix up. Dip the tee again, this time only about 2 thirds of the depth of the first time.
6. Add the final container of dye. Dip only the bottom few inches of the tee into the dye at its most concentrated. You can even let it sit in the dye for a little while to take on more colour.
7. Once you think the bottom of the tee is dark enough, wash it out in a sink.
8. Leave the tee to dry. Done!
I hope you guys run went better than me ;)

*The images are not mine, check the source link

Source link: http://apair-andaspare.blogspot.com/2011/12/diy-bec-bridge-inspired-ombre-tee.html

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