Sydney Easter Show (pic heavy)

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So like i posted about the Sydney Royal Easter show, i said i was going, and i went, and now i`m posting, almost 2weeks late but hey, i`ve go two kids!? lol

so yes, we went as a family, and my kids loved it. there were so many things that they enjoyed doing. And we didn`t even have enough time to go ont he rides, which i was happy about since the rides costs more money.

Here are just some snaps of our day, i took over 200 picutres that day. We arrived there at 9am and we didn`t leave the festival/carnival til 10pm =[ my back and feet and legs were kiling me, the kids were lucky enough to have pram and daddy`s arms lol

So here`s a run down of the pictures above:
-first pic shows my youngest son getting up close to a goat, they were running around everywhere for people to feed and pat freely. we did definitely feed them and it costs $1 for a little cup of hay. my kids loved it
-second pic is of cows, they just showed them off, some were up for auction, others were just for show.
-third pic was a show to inform people of who cows get milked, they shows the whole process of how they move the cow in and sterile and test the milk first and OMG they were actually young ladies that did the demo and i was like OMG THEY ARE SO STRONG.
-forth - sixth pic is just poor animals caged up for competition, YES there were comps for best rooster, hen, goose, ducks, and all kinds of birds and dogs and cakes.. the list goes on and on, i think they decided by the way they were groomed and how much the weighed and measured?!? i wasn`t too interested.
-7th and 8th pic is of .. mmh i dont even know what you calls these, but they were also competitions, what you`re looking at is all fruits and veggies that those farmers grow, then they put it all together to make some awesome art, some are even moving, some are of faces. it`s really great just appreciating other people`s efforts.
-9th pic to 11th pic just briefly yes BRIEFLY shows you the other competitions that they have, like sewing, knitting, making hats, baking, JAMES, cakes, scones, etc.. it was madness
-12th one shows one example of artworks that were on competition YES AGAIN, and some were actually on sale afterwards
-13thpic shows my son playing canival games
-14th and 15th pic shows the gogdies that my kids got from show bags =] (which you do have to pay for lol)

ok so that`s it, really .. it`s not, there`s SO MUCH MORE, so yea.. if you ever come to syd during easter, it`s worth while attending this.

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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