Sydney Easter Show

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

I love the Sydney Royal Easter show

i don`t go every year because it`s pretty much the same thing every year. It costs $36 per adult and about $28 per child above 4years old. It`s a one whole day entry - you can enter the show at 630am - these are for those who are very serious about farming and animals...normal people like me go in about 830...the show ends with fireworks at 830pm.

It is a pretty full on day, some of the highlights include:
-rides, HEAPS of rides, funny thing is, these rides are not permanent, they are actually built there for 2 weeks only, then they remove it
-SHOWBAGS - everybody loves showbags, old and young, they have bags full of toys, lollies, milk even, nintendo has a bag, they cost around $2.50-$25.. i think people spend the most on these
-food - you can the typical carnival food like fairy floss, hot dogs, pluto puffs, corn dogs, tacos, etc. They have opened a food and wine stand this year, so you can have prawns and oysters with alcohol too =] cant wait for seafood.
- petting farms, my kids love this best, you can feed the farm animals for free, only thing i don`t like there is poo everywhere lol
- pet competitions, they have the best groom dogs, pigs, fastest dogs, pigs, etc. lots of them. and you can view all of the judging.

there`s many many more but that`s just the highlights

The location of this is the Sydney Olympic Park - that`s right, where we had the olympics. So you can imagine the amount of work they put into setting this all up for only 2weeks and then having to take it all down to make it back to the Olympic park.

This year it`s open from 5th April til 18th April.

My family and i will be going on the 14th - which is this saturday I CANT WAIT! >.< i`m more excited than the kids
If you live in Australia - it`s definitely worth coming to visit it at least once

Thanks for dropping by, pictures are NOT mine, i`ve linked then in order down below.

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