Switched at Birth [Winter Premiere] Recap!

Being on Winter Break right now, I am super ecstatic that a bunch of my television shows that I`ve been watching are finally back on air.
Switched at Birth is about two girls (Bay & Daphne) who have been switched at birth, living separate lives until Bay insisted that she didn`t belong in the family and got a DNA sample. It turns out she was in fact not a biological daughter of the parents she`s living with and that`s where Daphne comes in. The episodes are about how Daphne & Bay`s lifestyle are different and how the family dealt with this situation and so forth. This show isn`t my favorite because sometimes the episodes can either be a hit or miss but I like watching the show anyway because it takes up some time. The premiere was okay, it didn`t leave me anxious for the next episode though.
If you didn`t watch the episode yet and plan on doing so then don`t continue to read because spoilers/recap of the show will be talked about below.
What happen in this episode? Daphne and Bay fit over Emmett since they both have feelings for him. Bay got to spend time with her `real` father (Angelo) but things don`t go as planned because Regina went too and they had tension between each other. The boys (Emmett, Toby, Wilke) play their band at a music festival. Kathryn speaks to the nurse that Angelo said may have switched the kids because the hospital made her work too many hours. Kathryn was hoping that shes a lie but really, she was in fact with Kathryn and remembers Kathryn 16 years ago!
Overall Question: Do you think Emmett will leave Bay? Will Daphne and Bay work things out or will a boy (Emmett) come across this always? I don`t know about Emmett, he suits Daphne better because they get along so well and understand each other. It seems that everything Bay does (is wrong because she doesn`t know how to deal with a deaf person) and Emmett looks pissed. As for the premiere, it was okay.. nothing really existing happened (or well in my opinion). I do think Daphne and Wilke makes a cute couple though and hopefully they`re date in future episodes. They seem so natural and cute together well on the show that is.
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