Swine Flu Isn`t Bringing Sexy Back!

5 years ago

After reading articles on Yahoo I stumbled upon this. Yikes! Swine Flu is back in Mexico! A flu that happened three years ago that freak everybody out! Hello!

Nowadays H1N1 strain is the right terminology people use instead of swine flu. Normal flu season for Mexico can be seen from 5,000 to 11,000 incidents of all types of strains.

These types of flu freak people out that they will take no for an answer to visit hospitals and at a school check up area. Visiting the school nurse to get check!

The people in the public are aware of the H1N1 strain ever since Spring of 2009. During that time certain places like restaurants, schools, museums, libraries and theaters are put to be close! As bad as it were to stop it from spreading.

I don`t blame them for what they`re trying to do. Heck! I would get daily check ups so that I wouldn`t catch it either! Try to stay away from the public as possible.

1. Do you know anyone who have caught it?
2. Have you caught any flu before?

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