Swim like a Mermaid?

I haven`t swam in a swimming pool in forever. I don`t recall the last time I swam in a swimming pool, perhaps when I was eighteen at my uncle`s condominium swimming pool with my cousins?

Swimming has a lot of health benefits even though it could be really fun especially during the summer time because you`re trying to beat the heat!

<em>Some benefits of swimming are:</em>
You can live longer!
According to a research from University of South Carolina out of 40,547 men aged 20-90 for 32 years those who swam had a 50% lower death rate compared to those who just ran, walked or those who didn`t exercise at all. It`s not 100% proven though.
Lower Stress
Research showed that swimming helps lower stress and is better for the brain because when you swim you`re releasing good chemicals called endorphins which allows your body to relax!
Lower Risk of Diabetes!
Improve your Cholesterol
Improve Asthma Symptoms
Help weight loss. Swimming helps burn a ton of calories!
Healthier Heart, helps blood flow better
Helps you become more flexible
Increase muscle tone and strength
And many more benefits..

<strong>But what are the benefits of swimming with a mermaid tail?</strong>

Perhaps.. help you prepare for a time if you`re captured and dropped in the ocean like on those Fear Factor shows or something -___-
If you can swim with those tails, you are super strong.. I bet it`ll help loose a lot of weight from wiggling through the water.

<strong>Would you want to try swimming with a custom made mermaid tail? Would you buy one? Do you enjoy swimming?</strong> I think it`d be a pretty interesting swim especially since those tails look very tight but the girls swim pretty well in the video (link below). You can also purchase these tails too here: http://3-fins.com/ordering-info/ There are 5 available colors to chose from for $250 CAD + shipping.

Photos via http://laughingsquid.com/custom-made-mermaid-tails-that-you-can-swim-in/
Where did I get my facts? http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/aging/retirement/10-health-benefits-of-swimming.htm
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Source link: http://laughingsquid.com/custom-made-mermaid-tails-that-you-can-swim-in/

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