Sweet Treat: Smores Caramel Apple Slices

I have a big sweet tooth, seriously you don`t even know! I have a super sweet tooth for chocolate!

Anyways, to step away from my tangent, the picture above is a slice of a caramel apple that my mom bought me at Plaza Bonita.

This is not just any ordinary caramel apple. In fact, it is coated with a layers of chocolate and marshmallows. I think the guy who was making these was going for a smores type of look. The only thing he was missing was the graham cracker. I think there was just too much going on with this apple for him to put the graham cracker.

This was really delicious! You would expect the marshmallows to be hard, but it was actually quite soft! I love the feeling when the caramel gets stuck to the roof of your tongue. Even better, is when the caramel and chocolate just ooze out after you take one bite.

Have any of you Luuuxers ate any type of these caramel apples? Did you find it appetizing?

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