Sweet Pepper Scrambled Eggs

Since we`re still unpacking, our kitchen is currently in a "thrown together" mode, so making breakfast has mostly consisted of take out, left overs, and cereal w/milk. This morning I decided to throw some "stuff" together and make a semi-proper breakfast for us. I started off inspired by this bag of sweet mini peppers that Michael bought from Safeway recently. He bought these to snack on, but I figured I could also use them to cook with. I only used 4 of the largest peppers in the bag, chopped those up in mini strips and grilled them with a generous amount of butter, salt and black pepper.

Once the peppers were 50/50 soft and crunchy, I scrambled up 4 large eggs, black pepper and dried parsley flakes (let the mixture sit for a while so the flakes soften up) and threw that on top of the peppers. Ideally, I would have thrown in some bacon or sausage or shredded cheese, but we don`t have any.

I felt the mix needed something heavy, so I took some left over steak fries and curly fries we had from last night`s dinner, chopped those up and threw them in.

It looks a little odd, but this tasted sooo delicious!! The sweet peppers hold a lot of moisture, and they tasted so good with the potato in the fries. Of course I had to smother mine in ketchup - it wouldn`t be a breakfast without it ;)
I also had a left over philly cheese steak with grilled onions and sweet peppers from the Cheese Steak Shop (Original Philadelphia Style Sandwiches), so I warmed that up and ate that with my breakfast. Michael and Madilyn shared his left over Mushroom Philly Cheese Steak from last night as well.

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