Sweet and sour mani

heyyyyy luuuxers! so, i was looking around for a new mani idea and i found one! its a salt manicure! some of you may have heard of it, but its entirely new to me so i had to try it out! what the video says is to put 2 separate layers of polish(they said white, i think it looks neat over a color) and then before the second coat dries, pour salt over the nail, and then, once that layer dries, you put on a clear coat. and the top coat is essential! if it isnt used the salt will all crumble off and its annoying, you get salt every where. so anyways, i was looking through the comments on the video and saw someone mention sugar instead, so thats what i tried it with. and it turned out great, i dont have any pictures of my own, but ill post a link to the video. but my nails were 3d looking and sparkly! loved it! if you dont want it to be so sparkly i would suggest salt(:
oh, and the sugar/salt will soak up the wet polish! so if you have an opaque or thin polish you will end up seeing your skin under your nails if you dont add more than 2 coats. learned that the hard way..
***the picture is not mine it is from the video***

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq3cBxLQ1xQ

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