Swedish Meatballs

4 years ago

I decided to try my hand at Swedish meatballs. I have been following the videos put out by Sorted Food and some of the recipes look delicious. This was one of them. I pretty much followed their recipe, as far as ingredients go, but didn`t measure anything out.

I started by combining some ground beef, ground pork, garlic bread crumbs, an egg, fine diced onion, salt, and pepper together. Then, I heated up some olive oil into a big pan and once hot I put the balls of meat into (I just scooped up small bits and firmly packed them into a ball for the meatballs) the pan. I let them cook on a heat setting just below medium. I wanted them to brown up but not cook too fast and end up burning on any certain side. Once all of the meatballs were browned (they were still pink in the center. You DO want them to be like that) I drained off the excess oil then poured in some beef stock and heavy cream. I salt and peppered again to make sure it had good flavor. I let this cook for about 20 minutes so the sauce could thicken.

To serve it up I plated out some mashed potatoes I made (I`ve discussed mashed potatoes on a number of posts, so I won`t go into details. Just make your mashed potatoes any way that you prefer) then added a few meatballs and a good scoop of the sauce over the meatballs and potatoes. Then, I added some jellied cranberry sauce (I loooove this stuff). I had chopped up some dill to sprinkle over the top but completely forgot to add it to my plate. :-( I did add it when I went back for seconds, though. Don`t judge! The plate you are looking at is a tiny saucer plate, not a typical dinner plate size....so the portions are quite small.

This was DELICIOUS! I will be making this again, for sure. Oh, and there were so many meatballs that I ended up cutting the number in half. Half of them went into the cream sauce and half of them I boiled off in some beef stock in a separate pan (to cook them through the center) and then stored for freezing away. I`ll add those to pasta dishes later on.


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