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5 years ago

During the Spring/Summer months as its starts to get warmer I hate when i see small wet patches :`(

But I finally found a product to help with those wet patches that make us hide from pretty summer tops :)

Its called Perspirex.
Now i couldnt go throuhg the exact ins an outs of how it works, but what it does is reduces the prodcutivity of the sweat glads and reduces your sweat. It works on sweaty feet and hands as well (I know people who have used on sweaty palms)

You just roll on like a deodorant, it has a more wet texture, and alot can come out at once

- Reduces sweat patches/ sweating
- Doesnt need to be used every day to get results
- Once using treatment you can go a few days without using it.

- It does have a funny smell (but once dry i apply my normal deodorant and you cant smell it anymore)
- It can be irritable to some skin
- Quite harsh when you first use.

I know it seem like its a balanced argument but if you do suffer with excessive sweating then give this a try, you`ll be surprised.
I even use it when I know I am going to the gym, saves my feet and hands on the machines

The last time I bought this it was about £7

Hope this helps some of you ladies :)

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