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4 years ago

My mum got me this sweater dress and I finally decided to try it on. I really didn`t like it for many reasons, but they all lead to one thing, it`s highly uncomfortable and not very useful.

The color, which is a nice patterned beige and caramel brown, looks really amazing. I love the color of it.

The cutting was a big off though. My waist is actually higher than what the dress defined so the belt was more sitting on my stomach, which felt a bit weird and led to me having no waist. I look like a cinder block instead.

The top portion where the sleeve is, was very annoying. I assumed that once you pull it down to your arms, it would stop moving, however, I was wrong. If I walked one step, the entire thing goes awry and you have to adjust it. It got to the point where I was very annoyed because I had to keep adjusting the top collar and sleeve portion. It`s not very feasible especially when you`re in an office trying to type. Once it gets out of place, the dress looks like a complete mess. But you spend way too much time trying to adjust it. It felt like I was working for the dress, which is completely unreasonable as the dress is not alive.

I will give this dress back to my mum because she probably enjoys it more than I do.

*photo is mine*


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