Swatches and Review: Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks

Hello there beauty lovers! Today I have a swatch and mini review on 8 `Amazing Lipstick` by Makeup Revolution. This is quite a different kind of post for me, I don`t usually do swatch articles (or reviews for that matter), but I plan on starting doing some for you all :D Afterall, I love beauty and it`s not like I have many people to share my passion with. So yay for the internet!

Okay so let`s see. Makeup Revolution is a cruelty free brand based in UK (as far as I am concernet at least, even their name is Makeup Revolution London) and what I love about it is that it is super affordable. Besides, from what I`ve been seeing, people seem to love the quality of their products so I decided to try them out myself.

There are 30 or 31 `Amazing lipstick`s but I only ordered 8 of them - had to try some other products as well, hehe. The shades I got are: The One, Bliss, Divine, Beloved, Enchant, Depraved, Lady, 100% Vamp (which you can see in the pic from left to right). Oh and what is so amazing about these is that they only cost £1 each.
So if you are interested in seeing how these look swatched on my lips then please keep on reading! xo

Hmm, I just said that I bought `only 8` lipsticks out of the 30 they have available. But to be honest with you buying 8 lipsticks at once is a lot for me, LOL. I usually kiss my boyfriend a lot and I avoid wearing stuff on my lips since I don`t want us to end up with lipstick marks all over our mouth area. Why am I telling you this? I dunno. Let`s start with the review now!

On Makeup Revolution website the description for each Amazing Lipstick they have is `Your MUST HAVE lipstick! From nudes to brights, and mattes to creamy there is something to suit everyone.` Let`s see what I think.

I agree that there are different shades to suit everybody. As they said you can choose from very nude lipsticks to super dark ones. They have some super creamy ones and I got 2 matte shades as well which you will read what I think of them in a second. They also have `scandalous` shades for these of you who want to go all out with your lip color: blue, purple, green, yellow and so on. I don`t know if they are a `MUST HAVE` but given the fact that they only cost £1 I don`t see why not - they can be a great alternative to a lot of more expensive ones out there. I am not very familiar with lipsticks so I am not sure if they have dupes for other brands` lipsticks but the color range is pretty.

The one
I think this is the lightest and most nude in the collection.
Super pretty color
Suuuuper creamy - it worked very damn fine on my super dry and chapped lips
It has a `barely there` nice sweet scent
This shade might be a little bit too light for some people. The first time I used it I was sick and pale as heck and it made me look even worse. But the second time I used it, it looked great.
Worth a quid? Yup! I love it :)

Another nude but this time a peachy one. This is one of my most beloved lip colors so I was excited to try out this lipstick! :) I know it looks a little bit pinkish in the picture but it is because of my lighting.
Nice scent
Very creamy but
You can see a little bit that my lips are chapped when smiling, but nothing that cannot be fixed with the tiniest bit of lipgloss or lip balm on top.
Worth a quid? Hell Yeah!

This is a pink lipstick, I would say nude pink but I am not really good at describing colors LOL. You can tell that I got a lot of lipsticks in the same color range because this what I usually reach for and even though they only cost 1 pound and I could have experimented with something new, I still chose to buy whatever suits my taste.
This is a matte shade
Therefore it`s a little bit less creamy
It`s the perfect everyday kind of pink lipstick for me :)
Can`t really tell if it has any smell
Since it isn`t so creamy you might want to moisturize your lips before applying it or use something on top - it doesn`t look bad, but not perfect either! I know you can`t really see in the picture and you probably aren`t able to tell unless you`re all up in my face staring at my lips - which I was doing when I was writing down everything that crossed my mind when swatching each lipstick.
Worth a quid? Yuuuuss!

Another pink :)
Matte shade
This is the least creamy out of all the 8 lipsticks I got
It is opaque but
Not as bright as it is in the tube
Can`t tell if there`s any smell
Beautiful pink color though
My lips didn`t look chapped which is a good thing.
Worth a quid? I don`t see why not :) It may not be as creamy, but it looks nice!

Another pink but more on the purple side this time
But very easy to pull off
Super creamy :)
Looks great on the lips - it did a great job at hiding the fact that I have awful lips lmao
Bare scent
Worth a quid? Yes ma`am!

Please note: as I said earlier, I am not extremly familiar with lipsticks, therefore I can`t really see if they are warm tones or cold toned. They didn`t make my teeth look yellow unless I smiled with my entire mouth open (TMI but my teeth tend to look worse where they start growing than they do when I barely have my mouth open)

Now let`s move on to some different colors.

I am starting to get into red lips. I am not crazy about them, but I am starting to like how red lips look on me, hehe. That`s how I decided to order a red lipstick :)
Opaque even in one layer
It doesn`t make my teeth look yellow, yay!
Looks great on the lips
Sweet scent but not overwhelming
I love it so far! It`s like the perfect red lipstick for me hehe (not that I tried to many though)
Worth a quid? Yusss!!! Good thing I didn`t ask myself this two months ago because my answer would`ve been different back then, haha!

Purple lipstick. Funny story about this... I`ve been wanting a purple lipstick for a while but couldn`t find anything that cheap... Then I saw this on Makeup Revolution`s website and it looked quite intimidating in the pictures they had. So I ordered it. When I got the package it looked less intimidating and I thought that it`s not difficult to pull off this color... In fact it turned out that I need to learn how to work with a shade like this, it looked a bit crazy on me haha! I noticed that it doesn`t look so bad in the picture, but it may be because it`s only a lip swatch and you can`t see my entire face, lol.
Scandalous shade
Super duper creamy
Very Opaque
It is far more wearable and less intimidating if you only apply one very thin layer :)
Can`t tell if there`s any scent
It did make my teeth look a little bit yellow in real life.. I`ll give it the benefit of the doubt and pretend it was just the lighting.
Worth a quid? If you know how to pull this off, then yes, I totally recommend it!

Regarding transfering and how long they actually last on my lips... I don`t really know. I haven`t worn out all of these but I remember Depraved, The one and Divine transfered when I had a glass of water or stuff like that. However my lips were still stained a.k.a. I still had some color going on :) Other than that I don`t really check my lipstick very often and as I mentioned in the beginning my boyfriend and I kiss a lot so naturally they fade quite quick.

100% Vamp
I know that everybody is obsessed with dark colors for fall and winter and while I wouldn`t normally follow that trend (you probably already noticed that my obsession is with pinks and nudes) I still decided to buy this scary dark shade to see how it would look on me. You never know until you try it, right?
Vamp shade
Excuse the messy applycation
It seems slightly lighter in the picture
It is opaque but
I still could see a little bit of my natural lip color showing through - it may be because of the application, or maybe my lips were getting sore after swatching 7 lipsticks before this one
It has a bare smell, not sweet this time, but I can`t seem to realize what it is
It`s an intimidating shade in my opinion and it doesn`t seem so easy to pull off. It may be just because I`ve never tried working with such a color on my lips before, or maybe dark vampy lipsticks aren`t for everybody. I don`t know.
It didn`t make my teeth look yellow :)
Worth a quid? If you know how to pull it off, then I don`t see why not.
It seemed to transfer pretty easily.

Overall I am really happy with them and there is no doubt that I am going to use most of these like crazy. I`m totally looking forwards to buying some new colors next time I place an order, don`t know what will I go for or when will my next purchase be though! However you cannot go wrong with paying only £1 for a lipstick so that`s amazing :)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that this review was helpful!!

Also let me know if you tried any Makeup Revolution products in the past or any if these lipsticks :) I would love to hear your opinion :D



This is not a sponsored post! These products were bought with my own money, all of the opinions that you read are my own and I am not paid to write about any of these lipsticks.

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