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5 years ago

I had been wanting to try this magnetic polish since I first saw it a while ago. I didn`t want to pay so much for it when I saw it at Sephora so I passed on it. All of a sudden I kept seeing magnetic polish float around on Luuux and beauty blogs and it made me kind of wish I had bought the Sephora one.

After seeing that other brands were getting on the action I figured I would try one of those. I had read on a blog (I dont remember which one, probably Nouveau Cheap) that Claire`s had them so I went in search for them. Well I found it! Except they only had two colors, this burgundy shade and a green one.

As you can see I got the burgundy one, its by Claire`s and they call it <strong>Magnetix</strong>. They retail for $8.50 each, but Claire`s normally has cosmetics as buy one get one half off.

Its pretty opaque, I didn`t have to use two coats, one coat worked perfect for me. The instructions tell you to apply a generous coat of magnetic polish and then immediately position the magnet over the polish and hold it for 10 seconds. The cap of the polish has the magnet, which you are able to take off that way your not screwing it on and off. The magnet only does squiggly lines, but you can do them horizontal or vertical across the nails. The magnet also has a little piece on top that helps you to rest the cap on your finger without the magnet having to touch the nail.

Once the magnet takes over it separates the polish into a burgundy and a pinky burgundy. Its sooo pretty! The longer you hold the magnet over the polish, the more defined the lines are. Same goes for the less time you have it over the polish the less defined the lines will be.

I am really happy with the results of this polish. It was really easy to use. I`ll probably go back and get a few other colors...well...that is, if they have them.

<strong>Have you tried any magnetic polishes?</strong>

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