Swanson Skillet Meals

2 years ago

Swanson Skillet Meals
Hey Luuuxers!
My parents and sister were away for a few weeks, leaving just me and my brother at home.

It gave me an opportunity to try some new dishes and ideas at home since my brother is a perfect test subject - he`s the least picky eater in the house lol.

While I was grocery shopping for us, I also bought some frozen meals for us since I often work late, which left me with no time to put dinner together for us.
This Swanson Skillet meal is great since it is good for two people to share, and I was able to throw together a salad with it. My brother was able to eat one just on his own so I figured I needed something extra if we were going to share! Lol

These are ready in under 15 minutes which is great, and they are easy to prep. You just have to cook them on a covered skillet remembering to stir every once in a while. The sauce comes frozen in it`s own small package. It`s a big block that melts and coats all the veggies and pasta.

My issue is that there is more sauce than need be! In the picture you can see there is plenty of sauce, so it almost looks like soup lol! I ended up serving this with a slotted spoon so that there wasn`t so much sauce drowning my plate. Even though there weren`t too many calories in a serving, I feel like most of them are in the sauce anyways, so it was smart to use less.

Besides the problem with too much sauce, it tasted delicious, and is a good solution for a quick and easy meal.

I like that there were plenty of veggies - the package says that 1 serving (or half a package), has 1.5 servings of vegetables. I might even add some more frozen veggies to the mix if I get this again :)

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