Suspected concepts PlayStation Orbis show motion sensor and connectivity with smartphones

Illustrations Conceptual Design Company Coke can bring about the new Sony console.

The rumors about the successor to the PlayStation 3 never stop gaining strength. After the supposed revelation that the console will be called Orbis, some conceptual illustrations fell on the network and show what can be a major resource prepared for the next generation of consoles.

The Coke Design, Illustration company located in the U.S. state of California, released some images somewhat suspicious on their website, especially on an album called "Illustrations and sketches of resources for new PlayStation Orbis". Suggestive, no?

Needless to say that the content was quickly taken down, but not before several people from rescuing the figures and spread across the Internet. The main novelty appears in the images is exactly the use of a motion sensor similar to Kinect - although the design brings an accessory much like the PlayStation Eye
Another feature that stands out is the fact that the Orbis can be controlled from a device that looks much like a smartphone. Although it is not clear what kind of device is that the figure has given rise to rumors that the successor to the PS3 can use handsets or equivalents in connection with some of their games.
PlayStation Orbis or PS4?

The album released on the website of Design Coke also raised another possibility: the new console will not be called PlayStation 4. Although the name has arisen in Orbis rumor yesterday, many people believed that it was only a provisional, as the NGP was for the PS Vita.

As the company is referenced to the PlayStation console exactly as Orbis, new rumors that this would be the final classification given by Sony and some explanation of the change have emerged - including even superstitions.

According to Kotaku, the number "4" can be read two ways in Japan, one of which has the same pronunciation as "death" - shi - which makes the term is considered unlucky culturally (as 13 in the West). It may seem like overkill, but the Japanese people take this belief seriously, so that some hospitals refuse to put patients on the fourth floor.

This also influences the video games, although almost never be perceived by us Westerners. Some producers choose to read in English the word - as in "Super Street Fighter Four."

Thus, it would be strange if Sony chose to change the logic and would cause the PlayStation 4 (four) to be called PlayStation Orbis just to prevent people relacionassem the unit to death (shi).

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