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I have been craving <strong>sushi</strong> like no other and it doesn`t help that I always see people post on LUUUX about their sushi dinners :( . Last week I asked my roommate and another friend to go grab some sushi for dinner because I`ve been wanting it for more than a week by then lol. We ended up at <strong>SushiStop</strong>. It`s a small sushi restuarant located in LA at Sawtelle. The Sawtelle area offers a lot of different Asian food choices. This was my first time eating at SushiStop. All I knew about it before I ate there was that the place is small and crowded, but the food is really cheap. They have a relatively small menu, but there are different specials that they post. I`m not sure how often those change. Basically, everything on the menu is only <strong>$2.75</strong>.

My final thoughts on SushiStop: It`s super cheap and affordable, but the sushi is mediocre. I feel like the tuna I ate wasn`t as fresh as it should be. We ordered a bowl of udon and the flavor was good. A lot of the dishes are hit or miss. It`s not the best sushi, but I would definitely go there if I was craving sushi and needed a quick fix.

<strong>What did we order?</strong>
<dd>- Scallop Sushi
- Yellowtail Sushi
- Salmon Sushi
- Dynamite Roll
- Baked Whitefish Roll
- Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll
- Crispy Rice (topped with spicy tuna and avocado)
- Tempura Udon
- Spicy Tuna Roll
- Eel Avocado Roll
- Ginger Creme Brulee</dd>

Everything came out to only $30 and we split it amongst 3 people so I thought it was a pretty cheap sushi dinner.

<em>Do you like sushi? How often do you eat sushi?</em>

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