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4 years ago

I woke up one morning and my parents told me to go out to eat dim-sum. Things didn`t work out so I ended up going out to eat with my sister who has just graduated not too long ago.

We ate at a very Japanesey restaurant , very nice!! We had 4 dishes: <em>Black Dragon Roll, Chopped Scallop Roll, Sockeye Salmon sashimi and Spicy salmon sashimi</em>

~<em><strong>About the dishes</strong></em>~

<strong>Black Dragon Roll</strong><em> ( shredded crab meat, avocado and mayo in a roll with eel skin on top)</em>
This dish was superb yet two times the price of the Chopped Scallop Roll or the California roll if we just ordered it without the eel. It also had black and red crab eggs on top! Aside from the price, this roll was quite delicious: )

<strong>Chopped Scallop Roll</strong><em>(scallop, crab eggs and mayo in a roll)</em>
This dish was probably the least favorite of the meal I had today. The roll did not taste appealing nor did it look delicious! I must say this was a "no-go" for today.

<strong>Sock-eye Salmon Sashimi</strong> <em>(raw salmon without any chemicals injected into it)</em>
This dish was quite good yet the most expensive dish out of them all. The reason it was the most expensive and had the least amount in the dish is because this salmon sashimi is sock-eye also known as wild salmon sashimi. It doesn`t have any chemicals injected into... i guess you could call it .. organic? haha not sure! The dish overall was good. The tenderness and texture of the sock-eye slamon is very good. You can totally tell the difference between a salmon with chemicals in it and a salmon without chemicals in it.

<strong>Spicy Salmon Sashimi</strong><em>(chopped salmon with cucumber in Japanese spicy sauce)</em>
This dish is my favorite of all ! It is always my favorite whenever I go to this restaurant haha :) ! The main reason why I like this dish is because of the spicy Japanese sauce ! Apparently on the menu, you can order the spicy Japanese sauce on its own so I am assuming that you can use it with other dishes or perhaps use it as a sauce for all rolls. I tried it with the chopped scallop roll and it tasted better than dipping it in the "wasabi + soya sauce" sauce.

Overall, the meal was quite filling and I think we ordered a tad too much because we had to pack two dishes (the black dragon roll and the spicy salmon sashimi)! It was a pretty good sister lunch with my sister :)

<strong>What do you think of the food ? </strong>

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