Sushi for lunch!

4 years ago

it`s been a really long time since i had sushi, and yesterday when i met my friend for lunch, we were deciding between sushi and chipotle. but then i wanted to eat something that`s a little healthier so we opted for sushi at a local conveyor belt sushi bar that i`ve posted about in the past.

i got 4 plates and my friend got 5. the plates are color coded by price. i didn`t take pictures of all my plates because that`s a little awkward, but i did capture two of my favorites.

the first one is a roll with avocado on top and imitation crab in the middle. there was a thick soy sauce based sauce drizzled on top that was a little salty but really added some flavor to the roll.

the second one was my favorite. on top is shrimp tempura covered with a spicy sauce. the roll itself had fresh greens inside and some imitation crab as well. the shrimp tempura was warm and i liked how it contrasted with the coolness of the fresh crisp greens. i`ve never seen any sushi roll like that before!

all of my food was $10 including tax and tip, which i think is pretty good. i felt really full by the time i was done eating.

do you like sushi?

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