Sushi and Curry Fish Balls

9 months ago

Normally on the weekends, my mother in law would have us all to eat dim sum. And that`s every weekend! She likes it because she says there are more options to choose from when it comes to dishes, but we basically get that same thing... Lol
So this time my husband suggested to go eat buffet. The kids were all excited! They were really getting sick of dim sum. They would moan every time they heard that it was time to eat dim sum... Lol
So we went to this Asian buffet that was located in Chinatown. We haven`t been there for a while and they had raised the price just by $1. Not bad but they didn`t have senior discounts on weekends. But it was only $1 difference anyways.
One seated everyone dashed off to see what goodies they wanted to eat. The kids got their usual fried chicken and Lol
I headed straight to the sushi section. I picked up my favorite roll they had there. I think it`s the California roll. Or at least their version. It had immatation crab meat, avacado, mayo and siracha sauce and egg roe. That`s my favorite one. They also have another one but they didn`t have it that day or they might`ve discontinued that item. I also had the one with the seaweed on top. Oh and you can`t have sushi without the pickled ginger. I love pickled ginger.
Next to the sushi, I had some curry fish balls. They really good. Reminds me of the fish balls I had in Hong Kong.
Going to the buffet is just an occasional treat but I prefer it that way. Otherwise I would get sick of eating their too. And my stomach didn`t like it the next day. It was a little bloated from all that So everything is good in moderation!

curry fish balls

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