Survey proves womens obsession with pretty shoes!

4 years ago

Theres no denying that women love shoes, well not anymore anyway! A recent study has shown the opinions of men and women towards shoes, proving the statement that women are addicted to buying them. This isnt such a bad thing, but often comfort and practicality go out of the window in favour of style. The survey proved that 8/10 women have 9 pairs of shoes theyve worn once, twice or not at all. To put this into context, if this survey is representative of all women there are 221 million pairs of unworn shoes sitting in cupboards across the UK alone. Apparently women are addicted to buying shoes that are never even worn! In contrast to women, 9/10 men wear every pair they own. In terms of numbers women spend less on shoes than men, but own more pairs. Which it seems is just as well since many arent used. But perhaps this isnt a fair deal, with stores stocked full of impractical, uncomfortable footwear its inevitable that women buy so many pairs they cant wear. I think its important to buy stylish shoes but Id never compromise on comfort, excluding the odd night out! What do you think? fashion

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