Surprise Goodies From Marlene D!

5 years ago

I got a surprise package from /member/marlene-dinh today! I totally wasn`t expecting this today! I had recently reached out to her and offered to get her
Revlons Whimsical. Actually I didn`t offer to get it for her...I kind of told her I got it for her haha. She had mentioned how she really wanted that polish, but was unable to find it and the closest Kmart to her was an hour away. I remember going crazy looking for Facets of Fuchsia and seeing all the posts on Luuux about it made my me hunt even more, it was not fun not being able to find it. I had gone to Kmart to return something I bought and of course I went by the beauty section and I saw Whimsical, I instantly grabbed it and right away thought of Marlene. I had been in her shoes and it sucked not being able to find it. Haha dang, I get all crazy for polish huh!? lol. She was a bit hesitant to say yes, which i totally understand because, i mean, it is the internet. What if I was some crazy stalker??? Haha. Anyway, Im glad she said yes because she did THEEE CUTEST manicure with it! Check it out /viz/notm-pink-blue-gradient-touch-whimsical She is so sweet, she messaged me back asking me if I had
Revlons Blue Mosaic. Which I didn`t! I have Starry Pink and Facets of Fuchsia, but not Blue Mosaic. I kind of wanted to tell her yes, because I felt bad. I didn`t want her to feel forced to send me something in return. I did express that to her and she said she knew she didn`t have to, but she wanted too. Well to my surprise I got it in the mail today! She messaged me on here and told me I should have received it today and literally as I was reading it the mail lady came and sure enough she had the package! I totally wasn`t expecting it, I knew she was going to send it, but I had no idea she had already sent it, much less that I would get it today! As you can see in the pictures it wasn`t only the polish, she included other things...
---> Revlon Blue Mosaic- Blue glitter with larger green, blue, and silver chunky glitter.
---> Jordana FabuLiner in Black- Black eyeliner with a brush applicator. I`ve never used anything from this brand, but have been seeing it here on Luuux so I kind of can`t wait to try it.
---> Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues- I`ve also been seeing this around the Luuux world and was going to purchase some because Im on my last few towels of the big costco pack. Excited to try these! Its like she read my mind and knew I was about to run out haha.
---> A nice little note :) Thank you SO MUCH Marlene!!! You have no idea how excited I was to get the package today. It hasn`t been a good week at work (my week starts on Friday, sadly) so it was nice to come home to this. If you all don`t follow/friend /member/marlene-dinh then you should! :) She is a great Luuuxer, super sweet, and always has nothing but nice things to say. She is totally willing to help if you have any questions also. I had messaged her asking her how to bold my words since I had seen her do it and she messaged me right back providing me the link to the codes. Seriously, go friend her, she is such a sweet gal.
Have you searched high and low for a certain product? How are you liking Luuux? Are you meeting great people like I am? *Photos are my own. Please do not take*

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