Surprise Birthday Delivery #1: MACARONS

4 years ago

*my photo* My birthday was last month and whenever I get a package sent to me, I get an email from the mail room to pick it up. That day, I received 2 emails and I was SO CONFUSED because I was only expecting one - something I ordered off of eBay. So I went to the mail room and when I got my package, I literally said REALLY LOUDLY "what the hell?" & the mail room attendant though she gave me the wrong package. I actually said that because I read the return address and recognized the sender. It was from a gourment macaron place based in San Francisco that my best friend & I had been talking about weeks earlier. I didn`t even see this coming! She`s THAT good at surprises!! LOL. My friend`s a pastry chef and we were talking about her favorite macaron place and I told her I never tried one. She told me to go on the website and tell me what looked good. Oh ho hooo, little did I know, SHE WAS MAKING A LIST! I gotta hand it to her though - best surprise evaaaa! haha. Anyways, here is a really bad picture of the macarons.

The flavors are: Orange (it was alright), Raspberry (very tangy/rich flavor), Chocolate (TOO TOO TOOOO RICH FOR MY PALETTE!), Expresso (on point.. tasted like expresso for sure lol), Pistachio (it was okay.. I don`t see the hype for this flavor), Lemon (yep, def lemon), and ALMOND, MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. I feel so lame for liking almond the most because it`s supposedly the plainest flavor haha.

If you want to know more info on these boooommmbbb macarons, visit or just google "Gourmet L`Artisan Parisian Macarons."

Have you guys had macarons? What`s your favorite flavor? What do you suggest I try? AND WHAT SHOULD I SURPRISE MY BEST FRIEND WITH! Her birthday`s in 3 weeks. (:

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