Surfing? Not a NYer Thing

5 years ago

New York City is not known for surfing. But watching those movies sometimes you can`t help but dream how cool it would to be, to be able to catch a wave and surf. They do have competitions out in Long Beach, New York. But if you ask the typical native New Yorker if they`ve ever surfed, chances are good they`ll say no.

However who wasn`t inspired when Stitch was able to go into the water with Lilo???! Some newer cruise ships I know and even some theme parks have stimulated waves where you can surf. I`ll like to try that one day. It seems more safer considering my limited swimming abilities.

If you`ve never had the chance also check the movie Soul Surfer which is the story of a 13 year old female surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack. It`s also very inspirational.

Talk the TALK
1) Have you ever surfed before?
2) Would you rather have David Hasselhoff or Pamela Anderson save you if you were in trouble in the waters?
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